Welcome ... to my website ... I originally threw this web site together to allow me to demonstrate some of the things I've worked on over the last ~ ten years: object oriented modular user interfaces (I call these modular pieces of [user interface] code, widgets), virtual reality / augmented reality applications, 3D web based graphics using three.js and webGL. Javascript, HTML and CSS are my go to tools for web front-end web programming. I tend to ignore the ubiquitous front-end frameworks React and Angular in favor of my modular, object oriented, approach to front-end programming using plain vanilla Javascript, HTML and CSS. Java, C#, C++ and JavaScript my back-end / middle tier go to tools. Life is good if you are working on things you find interesting and your work is valued. I'd still go to work for somebody else if something that really peaks my interests comes along. Recently I decided to steer this site towards being my personal calling card as well as my professional calling card. If while perusing my site you see something along the way that interest you [for your website/webpage] by all means contact me, I'd be willing to license my widgets (modular Javascript, HTML and CSS code) for a small consideration. If you're in need of my talent to produce something completely different and know pretty much what you want, contact me as well and after a thorough fleshing out of your thoughts, specific needs and requirements, I'll give you $ estimate to make it for you based on how much time I think it will take me to implement it.

My life priorities have changed and thus I'm adding info here about me personally. I moved to Detroit in November of 2018. I had grown weary of paying way too much of my income towards housing so I decided I was going to look for somewhere where I could reduce this proportionately high aspect of my monthly living expenses. I visited Detroit in the summer of 2018 and found a house I could buy without needing to incur a mortgage. Originally I was planning to work again after moving to Detroit, but realizing if I was somewhat frugal I didn't really need to, I decided I'm more interested in keeping my time 100% my time. When you work a regular job your life centers around your job. This is what most of us need, to feel we have worth [to society]. I used to feel this way myself, but now that has changed. Now I just prefer having 100% control over what I spend my time doing. Health and Fitness have become my number priority with everything else fallign below them. And after reading David Sinclair's new book 'Lifespan', I've decided to live my life with the intent to live to 120+ years. However, I'm only interested in doing this if my health and fitness stay intact. If my quality of life were to take a drastic turn for the worse I'm pretty sure I'd rather just be done. So I now try to live a lifestyle that will prolong my life as well as my health and fitness.

I bought my house as an estate sale from a family who had lived in it for over 70 years and to some degree were a family of hoarders. Hence I have a housefull of vintage stuff I need to liquidate. So I've added a new page to my web site. On this page will be all the stuff I need to sell or otherwise liquidate. Most of it is vintage goods but I've thrown some no longer needed personal goods in the mix as well. Contact me by email or phone if you're interested in an item. Make sure to include the item number in the inquiry email. And if you want a shipping/packaging cost quote include your zip code as well. Just click on the following button: to go to a page dedicated to listing/previewing/describing all the items I have for sale.
James Myron Smith